Jipe Borehole

Lake Jipe Borehole

The people from Lake Jipe have no access to fresh water. The level of siltation in the Lake makes the water unfit for domestic use and nevertheless they use it for drinking and cooking. This often results in intoxication, yellow teeths and god knows what other side effects.

Drilling a borehole will give the community access to fresh water and will solve many health issues. The process to drill the borehole is long and tedious. All the steps are described here under, but it is definitely worth it.

  • 1. Geological/Hydrological Survey done by a Registered Geologist
  • 2. National Environment Management Authority Report (NEMA)
  • 3. Authorization from Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA)
  • 4. Borehole license from the Ministry of Water
  • 5. Drilling and installation of solar pump system

The overall project cost is estimated to US$ 44,800, all inclusive of all permits and licenses, drilling and construction.