Jipe Fish Farm

Lake Jipe Fish Farm

In the past a UNDP project tried to rehabilitate/construct two fresh water ponds to ensure a sustainable income to the community, but also to protect the endemic Oreochromis jipe fish.

Sadly the previous projects did not work properly due to resources conflicts between communities, people stealing the mature fish from the ponds and elephants destroying the installations on their search for fresh water. In addition, the water ponds where set far from the shores of the Lake, up stream on river Lumi. Therefore, the communities of Lake Jipe, whom fishing is the major source of income, did not benefit from these installations.

Today, in close relation with the local authorities and the Chief of the region, we want to build a new series of waterponds by the the shores of the Lake. This time this fish farm will benefit the fishermen and in-turn they will protect the ponds as it will become their major source of income.

The overall project cost is estimated to US$ 52,000, inclusive of permits and licenses.