Jipe Clothing

Lake Jipe Clothing

At our own scale we decided to fight the impact and perpetuation of poverty in Lake Jipe. We started asking our relatives and friends, all over the world, to send their used clothes to our address in Kenya. Then we transported them to Lake Jipe (picture here aside of a young boy wearing the clothes we brought him).

Distribution has always been an issue as there are 3 villages, and being equitable is not an easy task. However, after working the maths of our initial approach we realised that the cost was very high. Adding the freight charges our donours incurred to our own transport fees, it made this whole charity non-sustainable. We therefore searched palliative solutions. Buying used clothes in Kenya appeared to be the most efficient solution and undoubtedly cheaper than freight charges.

We have now identified sources to buy used clothes in Kenya and we are looking for donours to support us for the fees incurred in purchasing and transporting these used clothes.

The cost of a trip with clothes is estimated to US$ 1,500 and it will take several trips to give enough clothing to all the community.